Miss Lila M. Gardner 104 W. 3rd Villisca, Iowa 50864
Dear Miss Gardner:

I greatly appreciate your happy letter of February 18, 1973.

You speak of Mary House and my old friend Dr. House, the dearest of men. Mary taught in Branson, Missouri and lived with us for a while there. She did go to Moberly and lived there for a while with her husband Bub Crose. The marriage was unsuccessful, as you know.

I am very much in hope that we may be able to discover files of the Nebraska Democrat when it was edited and published by W. S. Goldie. There is a two-column "epic poem" entitled "The Tentiad" which appeared on the front page of the Democrat. I would pay well for a copy of it but I have been unable to locate it. I think you will hear from Mrs. Young, who will send you some information that might interest you.

With all kind thoughts,

John G. Neihardt