Miss Blanche Barber Hy Lond Convalescent Hospital 3170 M Street Merced, California 95340
Dear Blanche:

I was so glad to hear of you through your niece Mrs. David Everett. I am glad that you care to hear from me and I want to assure you that I think of you very often, and always with genuine affection. You and I have arrived at that time of life when our experiences are pretty much the same. We both have difficulty with our eyes and I am sure you do not walk any better than I do, but we both have rich memories for which I am sure you are as grateful as I am.

I think I told you —— or did I? — about the recording of my work by United Artists. I have just heard that the technicians are at work on the first album which should be available sometime in July, I believe.

With all affectionate thoughts for you, dear old friend,

John G. Neihardt
P. S.

BLACK ELK SPEAKS is still going strong all over the country and in Europe. We hear from both coasts and in between and we have many visitors. Sometimes it becomes a bit strenuous but we are grateful for the kind attention of our unknown friends.