Mrs. Ida. M. Jahren 405 5th Avenue SW Austin, Minnesota 55912
Dear Mrs. Jahren:

I was very glad for your excellent letter of June 5, 1973, and I wish I could have a good talk with you in reply to the questions you have asked. Unfortunately at the moment I am very much under the weather and can write only a sketchy letter at the best.

I am wondering if you have seen my little book entitled POETIC VALUES. I think it would interest you. It should be in your public library. It might serve to stimulate your thoughts about the differences in people. It has been out of print for some years.

I am especially pleased to know that THE STRANGER AT THE GATE was written for you.

Thus far I think you only know my lyric poems. Perhaps you know that the chief work of my life is titled THE CYCLE OF THE WEST and consists of five heroic narrative poems. The work is issued in two volumes, the first being THE MOUNTAIN MEN and the second being THE TWILIGHT OF THE SIOUX. I worked eighteen years on it, actual time, and I think you will find much of me in it.

Thank you very much for the excerpt from Rev. Morgan's sermon.

With all kind thoughts,

John G. Neihardt