Dear Bower:

It is always an event to hear from you, and there have been times in the past when the event didn't come soon enough, although I always knew the kindness I felt in your silence.

I thank you for the information about the National Observer article. I am sorry that "Frank" did not succeed in getting to our Neihardt Day celebration in Bancroft. We had a wonderful time. They said 700 people were there and Val Peterson, formerly Ambassador to Finland and twice Governor of Nebraska, made the principal speech and it was a wow. The attendance is growing steadily and the feeling developed there is something. Everybody seems to be happy and there are no strangers. One of these times you and Lucile will turn up there on the first Sunday in August. I do hope that may occur when Lucile's biography is scheduled to appear soon.

I am wondering what would be the right thing to do in the case of Dick Cavett. He is, indeed, a very good friend, and I h fear to ask special favors of him, but I think an someo thing will occur to make it the logical thing to do. I wish I could know more about what the manuscript is doing now. Who has it, and what the possibilities are for acceptance. I want to tell you, Bower, that I am delighted by the honor you have received. You deserve all the doctorates they give you. Incidentally, I received another doctorate a short time ago from the Midland College at Fremont, Nebraska.

I am sure it will interest you to know that WHEN THE TREE FLOWERED sold 115,000 copies in three months.

United Artists is bringing out the first album of my records in September. I understand there will be about 12 albums.

It certainly won't do any harm for you to write Dick. It's just that I fear to put him under the obligation of a friendship. I think your approach is the right one.

Do say hello to Lucile for me. Bless her heart!

With the old love for both of you.

John Neihardt

A Los Angeles agent wants to "negotiate" for the rights to THE TWILIGHT OF THE SIOUX with the idea of making a special of it.