Miss Mabel A. Buckner 20 Miller Drive Columbia, Missouri 65201
Dear Miss Buckner:

I believe I feel about your letter of January 15, 1973, as you say you feel about my book. I receive a great many letters but it seldom that I receive one that moves me as yours does. It is so evidently sincere and so beautifully written. Your recalling the days when you were teaching at Christian makes me happy. I am particularly pleased that you remembered my Mona and the w ay she used to look when I was reciting my verse. Really, you said a great deal in that letter of yours, and I thank you for it with all my heart.

Yes, there will be more. I am now working steadily on the second volume which will probably be called "Let Me Live Out My Years." I am sure it will be at least as good work as the present volume. It may be even richer. I have about half of the manuscript completed and I am making good progress. I do have difficulty with my eyes but I have a friend who loans me her eyes for this special job.

With all kind thoughts, your friend

John G. Neihardt
P. S.

I will be in Columbia within a week or so to make a record album of my recitations for the United Artists. I will be with my daughter, Hilda N. Petri, who has a law office there. Her address is P. O. Box 10981