Dr. and Mrs. John Winkelman 33 Broadleaf Drive Clifton Knolls Elnora, New York 12065
Dear Dr. and Mrs. Winkelman:

It was a great joy to receive your birthday greeting.

I often think of you and the old times when we were together, and I have regretted the wave of circumstance that pulled us apart.

You are right; to be loved is the greatest thing in the world, but the word has been spoiled by careless usage. However, I know we understand what we mean.

It has been astonishing how interest in my work has grown the last year. BLACK ELK SPEAKS in the Pocket Books edition sold 250,000 copies during April and May of last year. It has been selling ever since but we have no report recently.

My latest book, ALL IS BUT A BEGINNING, has been doing well all over the country, judging by our mail. WHEN THE TREE FLOWERED has just come out in Pocket Book series and is expected to sell as well as BLACK ELK SE PEAKS.

I am working on the second volume of my autobiography now and it will appear within a year.

United Artists of Hollywood has contracted to produce an album of my recitations. I expect to make the records within a month. They are sending a sound truck from Hollywood to Columbia to the recording.

This is a portion of my news. I will be writing you again one of these times. In the meantime, know that I love you as always.

With every good thought and thanks for all your goodness to me, your old friend,

John Neihardt