Dear Mott:—

This Bill has passed the House, 80 to 2. It has probably passed the Senate by now, and the Governor has promised to sign. The House acted on April 6th. I'll let you know just as soon as the thing is completed.

I've signed up with William B. Feakins, Inc. of New York, making that firm my exclusive managers for a term of three years, beginning Oct. 1st, this year. If they consult you, will you point out some Iowa prospects for them to follow up? They will plan a Western tour for October and November, and an Eastern tour for February and March. Iowa would be in the Western tour, of course.

I wish I had you here. I'd love to read you the thousand lines of the "Wars" that I have. I don't know what has happened to me. I grew stronger steadily in creative work, and less able to stand physical labor. Perhaps it's because I'm forty. I know now that I can go the limit, Mott. Someone seems to be writing for me most of the time. I'm grateful all the while for the privilege of working on material so rich. I will spare no vitality that can be used to make the cycle that it ought to be. Most of the time I feel a sort of glorious abandonment to the work — some such feeling as a soldier must have in a battle — a feeling that one is very little and the thing to be done very big. No one need ever feel sorry for me. I have already been paid over and over for the difficulties of living on this planet.

The wall between me & the verities is wearing thinner!
Yours always

Jno. N.