Dear Seymour:—

I have an unpleasant duty to perform and I have not the courage to funk it.

If I go to Chicago in May, it will be necessary for me to speak before the Woman's Federation of Nebraska at Central City on May 3rd and before the Teachers' Forum of Omaha on May 4th. They have claims on me up there. If I make this trip, I lose three weeks of work on my epic cycle. Now I would be willing to lose this time under ordinary circumstances; but I have just recently signed up with William B. Feakins of New York for a period of three years, beginning October first; and I heard yesterday that they are planning a transcontinental tour for me next season, which will keep me away from home for months. I can not lose time both this spring and next winter. I feel compelled to stay here this spring and summer, pushing the work as far as possible before the tour begins.

I hope you will remain my friend in spite of this. If you were familiar with the circumstances of my work and because how I am putting it above ever personal desire, and would need no explanation.

I have sincerely longed to meet with you.

Will you please give Mrs. Moody my kindest regards, and thank her for her goodness.

With every good wish,

Jno. G. Neihardt
Doubtless we can meet and have a pow-wow next winter.