Dear Mott:—

The coronation ceremony at Lincoln on June 18th was certainly a tremendous success. I have been before a number of enthustiastic audiences, but I never before experienced so much enthusiasm. I spoke twice and read twice, reaching many kinds of people, from the university crowd to the idle rich, and the response was rather astonishing. I can't exactly explain it. Few had ever seen me before, and I certainly didn't make any effort to be effective. I just went at them sincerely and they did the rest. The ceremony itself was very dignified — just the sort that friends of my work would want it to be — nothing spectacular or cheap about it; and the crowd was bully. I gave my lecture on Poetry and Education. I enclose a letter from a friend of mine in Oklahoma who received reports from a number of sources. You will note what he says about the lecture. I heard this from a number of sources before I left Lincoln. Whether it is true or not that the lecture was as good as they say, at least this was being said generally at the university. The editor of the State-Journal wrote about the whole affair to the Neihardt Club with headquarters in Wayne, and his letter ended in this way: "Neihardt won his way farther in thirty hours than any other Lincoln visitor I have ever known". Before I left, a committee from the University waited on me and asked if I would consider living in Lincoln for a salary and no duties. I have since heard that the call is certain to be made.

Please do not think that I tell you these things by way of throwing bouquets at myself. The idea is to let you know how the affair went off, for you are one of my strongest aids, and it is necessary that you should know about this affair.

I enclose one clipping. The Lincoln papers were very liberal with their space, and much was written about the enthusiasm and the "profound" effect, and all that. I have only this one article on hand.

I note by the N. Y. Eve. Post that the Grinnell Review carried some comment on the Laureateship — doubtless the comment was yours. I have not seen the article. If it was from you, I needn't say that I am grateful. You know how I feel about those who help my work.

I have been surprised at the wide-spread approval of Nebraska's action. There has been very little flippant comment. I understand that Review of Reviews, Current Opinion and Lit. Digest will have stuff on the coronation. I hate that word, "coronation". The State Journal very sensibly called it "official notification". That's far better.

With every kind of thought,
Yours, always,

Jno. N.

Getting along lively with the "Wars" — which is the matter of most importance.