Dear Seymour:

Yes, I'm here!

Send on the PACK together with the skeleton for the Introduction. I'll get the proofs back to you in a hurry.

Tell me truly — do you want the Poetry lecture? I was officially crowned at Lincoln on June 18th, and used the lecture as my response to the official notification speech. It really made a splash. You might issue it as the Laureate address! The whole affair was dignified and there was lots of enthusiasm. Before I left a committee from the University waited on me and asked if I would make my home in Lincoln a part of the year for a salary without duties. This last is, of course, not to be made public yet.

I hope you are just as hot and not a bit hotter than I am at this moment. However, I know where there is a crystal swimming hole with a pebble bottom and a big tree hanging over it — the sort that looks as though somebody had gotten it out of his imagination. And the road leading to it runs through a forest of walnut and hickory. It's four o'clock and my children are reminding me that it's time to go there.

Always yours,

Jno. N.