Dear Sterling:—

I've sent Seymour "Sonnets by the Night Sea", "Poe's Gravestone" and "Atthan Dances". If either of these can not be used in the anthology, let me know at once, stating what I may supply, and I'll stop the deal.

It was damned good of you to let me have some of your stuff for the anthology, and Seymour will appreciate your kindness mightily. Some fairly piffling stuff had to be included, though I found only 60 poems out of three hundred sent me by the "committee of selection". A thousand were read by the committee. But there's some good stuff, too.

I'll write you soon again.

New baby here — arrived August 4th. Nice little girl. I was drawing for two pair, but got three of a kind.

Yours always,


That "Atthan Dances" is a holy beauty! They're all exquisite, but the one named seems to me especially corking.

I wanted the three chosen because I think they represent you in three different moods.