send [progs?] 10/21/21
Dear Seymour:—

I leave here for my Western lecture tour on Oct. 21th. I'm thinking that you may have proofs of the "Address" before that time; but if you haven't, you may send here as soon as possible, and the package will be forwarded by my wife. I hope the thing will be ready very soon.

Many thanks for the three brochures — very beautiful, certainly. Cabell's study of Hergesheimer delights me. Cabell always does, for that matter. Also, Oscar Williams, in his finer moods, interests me greatly. As to the matter of Japanese Collectors, I'm no judge, being a rank outsider on that subject. But the brochure reads as though it might be prized by insiders.

All good luck to you.

Dear G.S.S.:-

Did I thank you for "Dwellings" and for the salutation to little Alice? If I didn't, I'm a "hill-billy" for certain. Thanks awfully now, anyway. I was just having a fit of sickness. Read 13 books in a week besides doing any other work. Something hit my solar plexis like a ton of bricks; but I came up with a wry smile in 36 hours and am the little Buffalo again.

Little Alice is quite satisfactory, tho' she commits screamery now and then she has an incandescent smile already, however.

Yours always,