Dear Seymour:—

"Home again, never more to roam again" — no, I'm off again in late Jan., I am pretty sure to see you on my way to N. Y.

Rec'd the Pack. Corking! Am a bit worried over the "Address". Some errors in proof, rather nasty ones; but you may have caught them all.

Have had bully time at colleges & universities of the West & Northwest. Made some Bookfellows, I hope, at least, a number promised to send a dollar. I've made several heretofor.

Rev. Chas. F. Chapman of Butte will join. He's a regular fellow & has written a big bunch of mighty interesting lyrics. He read to me for two hours. Has never published. I wish, after you get his dollar, that you'd ask him to send you a representative bunch of his stuff. He has enough really bull little things to make a spiffing little book. Please try him out and oblige me.

[?] I'm not strong on preachers; but Chapman is only an Episcopalian! He doesn't preach his verse! And he loves life.

Everything moves my way, apparently. Even my publishers congratulate me. A taciturn breed of animals, as a rule!

Good luck to you in everything. I'm due to sleep in that room this winter!


John Neihardt