Dear Seymour:—

It has struck me that if there are a few really bad errors in the "Address", it would not be much of a job to make correction in ink as the books go out. I am thinking of one error, really — "institutional philosophy" for "intuitional philosophy". This is pretty bad, but you may have caught it.

Let me have the earliest copy and I'll go over it at once and point out anything really bad by return mail.

I'm sorry that the proofs were ready when I was so far away; ; but doubtless it will come out all right.


Jno. Neihardt

The growth of the Order delights me! Do you know anything about the Book & Drama Club or Society of Chicago? It is headed by one of the big men in Sears Roebuck Co. They want me, so Feakens tells me. Do you know what they'll stand in the way of a fee?

If it happens that [Brewer?] got the additional material in, I shall be glad after all. There's a good & new idea there.