Dear Seymour:-

Bull for Braithwaite! I'm glad to hear that he will review the address in the Transcript. Be sure to send me a copy, for I can't depend on my clipping bureau.

It's good to know that others have cared for the thing.

That's a brilliant idea about the medal for Bookfellowship! And I sincerely appreciate your hunt; but I'm very much afraid Chicago won't see me this Spring. Poor Chicago! Since I can't make definite plans, and you must very soon, it would be just as well to count me out.

My man Feakins is a frost, and next year I shall let the Neihardt Club manage me. I'm really glad, tho', that I don't have to go East now. Too much to do, too many distractions — I'm forty-one. Furthermore, I've got just about enough for extra expenses already, and my salary does the rest nicely. Why go after more?

That's a valuable suggestion of yours as to the probability of local Bookfellow organizations helping in my next year's tour. We'll remember.

I'm sending a few names for Address publicity. But here's the best way: Couldn't you get a list of members of the Merchant Club from Dr. House at Wayne? Better try? And A.E. Long, Secy of the Omaha Merchant Club, Omaha, Nebr (3022 So 34th St.) would give you some names too.

It's a pity you didn't get a notice into the late merchant edition of the Goldenrod. I thought that was to be arranged. It would have sold a good share of the edition. But I understand there will be another Bulletin around in the summer.

Thanks for your kindness, + good luck!

Jno N.

King Cole is here. Too slight for Masefield's genius; and greatly slighted too. He writes too damned fast + in "Cole" he shirks his biggest opportunities. Of course there are touches of genius, for Masefield couldn't keep them out if he tried.


I think it quite likely that Mrs. W.B. Kerr, Sec'y of the Iowa Press + Authors Club, would give you the list of club memebers. I seem to have gotten across to them rather satisfactorily when I was there recently. The lady's address is:

1427 Fifth St., Des Moines, Ia,

Stole that you want to bring the Laureate address to the attention of the members.