Pd.$1.25 not sent ansd
Dear Seymour:-

I was sorry to fail you in the matter of the quatrain; but I have no heart of that sort of thing, however I may admire good things of the sort when done by others. I hope my message reached you while Markham was still in the house. It was timed to arrive during the tea-flight.

I enclose 1.25 for another Address, which please mail to Mrs. J.E. Ballinger 1448 Dewey Boulevard, Butte

sent 5/2

With all this-and-that's sentiments,

Doctor Neihardt!
When should copy reach you for next Step Ladder? Will send Masefield comment soon
My dear Mr. Neihardt:

Mrs. Markham sends us her notice to let you have our volumes of poetry for 1921 for use in judging the best book of poems of the year. I think they have already been sent her and you too. The Poet's Pack is out of the running, I fancy, as it is for single poets. Candles in the Sun, by William Griffith, and our brochure In Gossamer Grey, by Oscar Williams, are, I think, the only ones we have to enter in the competition. I think they are already in your group for consideration, but if not of course I'll be glad to send them.

Bookfellowly yours,

Flora Warren Seymour
I have neither of these. Please send to me; I am to forward books to other judges.