My dear Mrs. Berg:-

I don't know that I succeeded in letting you know how much I appreciate yours and the Doctor's kindness during my brief stay in Pender. You were both so good to me, and I felt at home with you both, as though I had known you for years. I wish the Doctor might have been with us at Calhoun, but I know that he couldn't get away. Didn't we have a bully time? Weather planned especially for us! After leaving you there, I had a dismal week of it, sitting for the portrait in a stuffy studio with the mercury in the nineties. Photography is certainly a more humane art than painting - from the sitter's standpoint.

I'm back at work on "The Song of the Indian Wars" again, and it looks as tho' I'd have a good run with it the rest of the summer.

Please give my regards to Mrs. Graves.

With every kind thought for yourself + Dr. Berg,

Jno. G. Neihardt
From [?] Box 145 Branson, Mo
Branson Ju[?]PM [?] 192[?]Mo.

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Mrs. John Berg, Pender, Nebraska