Dear Seymour:-

I am a sadly disappointed man. For weeks and weeks I have been looking forward to the discovery of a shocking number of large and juicy errors in the ADDRESS, and I am unable to locate any though I have fine-combed the thing with great meticulosity. This seems hardly kind.

There is, I am glad to say, one error in the record of the notification ceremony - Mr. Reed for Mr. Brown. You will note the correction in the copy forwarded you today. Even this error fails to give me the expected thrill, for I am almost certain that the mistake was made in manuscript.

You astonish me when you ask for the rejected "Pack" poem. Good gracious, Man! Those were surely sent to you months and months ago. I have not forgotten your shameless hectoring, and I'm almost willing to swear that I sent the package to you. Look around and I'll do the same here; but I think you'll find them there.

What a bull little book the ADDRESS is! I refer to the makeup, not to the lecture.

Did you note what I said about Rev. Chapman of Butte? When you find time, I wish you'd ask to look at his verse.

Is there much dissatisfaction over the "Pack"?

Always yours,

Jno N.
Note the scathing langwidge!