My dear Mrs. Brockway:-

It has struck me forcibly of late that my debt to you, of which I have been conscious for several years, must be growing rather rapidly, and that it is high time for me to acknowledge it at least. Merely to thank you would be rather too easy a way out. I do thank you sincerely; but I can do better than that. I will make the Cycle as strong and true as I can make it; and by doing so, with no selfish end in view, I shall, perhaps, deserve your interest and your aid - and all the loyalty that is growing up about the Scheme.

"Practical people" might regard this, as a somewhat curious fiscal system! However, my progress with "The Song of the Indian Wars" makes me feel that I am checking on a solvent bank, and that my account is not overdrawn.

With every kind thought,

Jno. G. Neihardt