Dear Mott:-

I've seen your article in the Register. Good work! I am glad to have it said that I do not pose. In fact I haven't any platform manner. If my poetry is worth hearing, I win. If it is not worth hearing, I lose.

It seems that the committee wants, or thinks it wants, a miscellaneous program , some lyrics, some of the "Friends", some of the "Wars". There's the spirit of modern America. What do you think? Should I give all the time to either the "Friends" or the "Wars", or should I give a taste of one of the narratives and fill out with lyrics? Think this over, keeping the audience in mind, and be prepared to advise me. Please.

I'm eager to see you again.


Jno. N.

The lyrics always get across, for that matter, and I like to read them! But isn't the epic the thing now? And I judge that the audience will be unusually intelligent.