Dear Seymours:-

I am scheduled to arrive in Chicago, via Burlington, at 3:59 P.M., October 31st. Must leave next morning. Of course I want to see you; but I shall be nearly worn out, as I shall have had eight engagements in ten days with constant travelling. Expect to be very dull. These trips do terrible things to me.


John Neihardt

I wouldn't want to see you at all under the circumstances if I did not feel something homey about you. This is my best compliment, and a sincere one. Mr. Long writes that you might want to have some Bookfellows in. I'd like that too, if it could be an off-hand affair.


Please mail a copy of the ADDRESS to each of the following:
Mrs. Carl Brown, Simpson College, Indianola, Ia.
Miss Morrison, Tabot College, Tabor, Iowa.
Those with my compliments. I'll pay.

sent 10/20