Dear Mr. & Mrs. Young & Dr. Neihardt...

Just a few words to express my deepest, deepest appreciation for your warm hospitality and kindness. I cannot say how much this has meant to me — only that it has been "giant" for my heart and spirit...

I looked all over town today, trying to find a couple of books for you three, but had no luck - so I ordered them from a store and they will be sent to you in 3 or 4 weeks. The two books are "LOST WORLD OF THE KALAHARI & "THE HEART OF THE HUNTER", both written by Laurens Van Der Post. They are about the Bushman people in South Africa, whom Van Der Post lived with for a time. His writing expresses much of the mystery of life — the hidden secrets that Dr. has come to know and expresses in his life. The Bushman carried the same aboriginal spirit as Black Elk and others, Almost mystical, and yet it was their way of life — Van Der Post and Carl Jung were quite close for some years. I hope you folks and Dr. enjoy these writings.

The xeroxed article of Crazy Horse was written by Luther Standing Bear. - I made this from the original which I left with Korzack & Ruth & the mountain

to Gaki...
who would not know
except for looking
that you are a giant.
your word-prayers
live out of some place
much deeper than the mind..
perhaps a shaft
driven deep down
to the very depth
of your bowels
somewhere the first spirit
of the dream and life are born
lapping at the shores of dawn
in crimson flame.
Warm Regards & Thanks Again...

Don Sloggy "Tree Man" 6956 La Presa San Gabriel, Calif.