Ans. 3/23/71
Dear John, Kola & Mr. & Mrs. Julius D. Young

Rec'd your letter. Made me glad all over. I want to thank John in writing [more?] But shortly after I lost my wife I fell to pieces and fell [?] [?] arm & dislocate my shoulder injured arm [?] [surgery?] and I got spinal shot by which was not good for me. So I was paralized all my limbs I had to learn how to walk I am still impaired on right arm which prevents me from writing. This is my first one I'm trying hard to write. I am home now here at Manderson SD We had so much hard luck since my wife has gone.

First my great grandson son of my grand daughter, that we raised, had to have open heart surgery at Rochester Minn. I had to finance the [?] and expense over there & now I have a son in law in Rochester for Kidney transplant

and no funds, & by the way my daughter Esther is back now working they [scaned?] us for possibility of Brain Tumer She couldn't see one eye but they found out that it was her eye infected that is Remadied & now working very much. They [did pre-publisher?] of the Shanon County news calling for help on funds our [PHS hospital?] fund were short of funds. Funds are coming in pretty slow his name Jeff McCoy Danbay funds are used for his Hospital bill. So I had to come in again [financed?] my daughter [and?] trips to Rochester Minn and expense & now I am broke I borrowed to much from the Bank I have to have funds to keep my daughter a going & for my self. They have his kidneys out both of them another week or so they will transplant his Brother's kidney to him He is now on kidney machine. I can [leave?] at home in my grand daughter's care. I am sort of in valid my self. Could not walk to far & am under Doctor care thank goddness I have medcare they pay all my Doctor Hospital Surgery etc So I need funds a penny will help. I could have made little money on my recordings I too sing talk on culture history & [?]. I will make of one also & send to you all By the way John send the rest to Manderson SD Box 35 I will be here till June 1st may be ? I will go back to work if I fill good I got to get my health back I have been teaching Indian Culture to the High Schools till I couldnt. I might again beat [?] in the way all [?] I want thank you John again & again I learned a lot from you & my Father You were the Best teachers I ever had including my wife she dont say much she sure knew her Indian culture and I miss her.


Alone I will go a head with the work we were doing My mind is made up So there you are John my Friend & Brother again I learned that from you. [?] my lectures on the my Panel one asked where did you go to College. So I said No, I learned that from my best teacher John. Again one said How about other lectures? and I said I am diferent from others & He said How come so I said (I tell the truth)

Well John Brother & you all Thanks a lot our paths will cross again. Tell them may the Great Spirit take care of you all I'll be seein you

Love you all

Benjamin Black Elk Manderson #35 SD 57756

P.S. wrote this all day let me here from you all soon

Ben Black Elk Manderson SD 57756
Ans Mar 23, 1971 [Dictated?] 2.1.71 5835 Vine Via Air Mail
M. & Mrs. Julus D. Young 53835 Vine Street wrong address should 5835 Lincoln Neb 68505
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