Dear John:

Your welcome letter of March 3 arrived as I was on the point of mailing you the enclosed photocopy of the lead article in the current College English. As you know, College English is one of the most influential journals in its field, and the article should be helpful in the resurgence of the Neihardt story in the colleges. I suggest that you send it to Dick Cavett with some special mark to see that he receives it, for I share your view that he does not see most of his mail. I would send it to him myself, but he is not likely to have a letter from me brought to his attention, whereas one from you would doubtless be read.

Thank you for reminding me about Jed Smith. The massacre on the Umpqua still leaves the story one of immediate interest to Oregonians and will doubtless provide an entree for the program that Dr. Shepherd wishes to do.

Lucile is steadily at work on the revision of the manuscript. I have come to believe that the reduction will not only make the book more readily available but may improve it for the general reader. Since the complete version will be available in Xerox to those scholars who work in libraries, I suppose there is no loss. I hope that the publisher will bring out a paperback in due course, so that everyone can have a copy.

I am delighted to learn that you have signed the option for the movie rights. Keep in touch and let us hear all the news.


Bower Aly