I watched the Dick Cavett show and every Nebraskan everywhere should have been extremely proud. At your age you must be the most brilliant man

I am 85 myself & active & alert

If there is a charge for the autograph I will be pleased to send you a check.

Tillie Fisher 818-18th St. Sacramento Calif 95814
Dear Dr. Neihardt,

I was listening to the television last night when you were being interviewed. I want simply to tell you that a man of such profound and genuine respect for other life, humility in his own, such courage, and clarity of perception is truly an inspiration to us younger people who as yet can only struggle and hope to grow so fully and so beautifully as you have in your life.

I wish to thank you, somehow; to express gratitude to you for being, I suppose, and for sharing yourself with us.

Very sincerely,

Sandy Karbo
(age 22)
c/o 56 Rugby Rd Brooklyn, N.Y. 11226