Dr. Neihardt:

Last night I watched, and throughly enjoyed, the Dick Cavett show interview with you. It was most pleasing to see you receive this recognition.

I first read of the interview a month ago when I was visiting my family in Missouri. At that time I dug in a closet and found the interview you gave me in 1965 when I was feature editor of M.U.'s student newspaper, The Maneater. I'm afraid as a fledgling writer I didn't do you the justice you deserved. The article was only fair, which was due to my inexperience because you made a tremendous impression on me. I still have a copy of the photograph of you with your collie that we used with the story.

Watching you last night I kept thinking how little you'd aged since I met you. And your keen sense of humor was, happily, still very evident. My writing efforts have moved from newspapers to fiction and I am working on a novel presently. Perhaps some day when I am visiting in the midwest I will be lucky enough to talk with you again.


Terry Deshler
Terry Deshler