[Harrison, Maine 04040]
Dear John-

Matt and I were very disappointed to learn that the date of your Dick Cavett show was changed from the 21st to the 27th. For then we would be on the road heading North toward Maine and finding a place to stop with sufficient TV channels was chancy — But the 27th found us in Northern North Carolina — we searched the TV line up in their local paper — but no mention of the Dick Cavett show. Quite discouraged we went to bed — but Matt just wouldn't give up and continued turning the dial in hopes. I fell asleep — only to be an awakened by Matt's shout — "Here is John!" So we did see your Dick Cavett show — the whole hour and a half and loved it! Tho we resented all those commercials that interrupted you. We thought that you looked and sounded great.

We are now in another Motel in Virginia and havent the slightest interest in what is on TV tonight. We are still glowing over last night.

By Saturday we will be back at our lovely little lake and Mountains. We expect to find patches of snow and ice an the lake as last year — and we will be in time for Spring once again.

affectionate greetings

Matt and Margaret —
I do better on the Typewriter. Matt