Dear Dr. Neihardt,

We stayed up until midnight Tuesday night watching our favorite star on the Dick Cavett Show. And as always he was and still is the best. We also have your new album. The Wonder of it all. I am so grateful for it. And a friend sent me the lovely article which the Star carried March 7, 1971.

We are happy to know that you are well and happy, and think of you so many times.

I haven't heard from Mrs. Young in a long time. I do hope they are fine. Did she receive my lost letter with the scarf? The mail was sort of messed up at the time so I'm not sure if she ever received it.

April is almost gone again, but after the nice rain it sung with your April Theology.

Even I was inspired to write my first April poem. I will enclose it for you. Bless your heart for making me to see; and now David my son is busy writing. He has had all the wonderful training from his school that I wasn't fortunate to receive at that age, therefore he can handle the art technically.

I trust you stay well, and may the best be yours and your family.


Barbara J. Daniel

P.S. The wind was very bad for several days here, and I became quite depressed, until one day i began to listen and look. Then I saw and heard April coming.

3338 Pearl Ave.
Joplin, Mo 64801