Dr. John G. Neihardt University of Nebraska Lincoln, Nebraska
Dear Dr. Neihardt:

Your appearance on the Dick Cavett television show, April 27th, was a thrilling experience for me. I loved every word you spoke — When you chuckled I chuckled.

I felt excitement when you said "Forward is the direction". Infact, I jotted down several of your sayings — I could not help but feel your great spiritual power.

You see, I have a lively interest in you, because in March I did a program on you for a few friends.

I am hoping that the story of your life will come out in book form. I want, so much, to have the privilege of owning and cherishing that book.

Mrs. Neihardt must have been an exceptionally talented artist. The great Rodin accepted only the potentially great. I keep wondering if she might have known Malvina Hoffman, who was also a student of the master.

Thank you for the many hours of reading pleasure that you have given to me.


(Mrs.) Grace C. Cook 206 E Marion South Bend Indiana 46601