Dear Dr Neihardt

I wish you many happy birthdays.

I hope you enjoyed the dinner for you. I am sorry I am not able to come in person. I have been sick with the 6 month Mono and still not able to go out in the cold.

I wrote you on another sheet this town as I think you look back at Bancroft. You can see I am not a writer

I was ask this summer when I was in Sioux City, Iowa hospital. Where in Bancroft I answer a little town to south west. The people there have a big heart. In the last six months that I haven't been well, the people here have been very good to me and my husband.

The best of everything to you Dr. Neihardt

Fern Nelson

This Town

This little town is my town
This town my mother live
This town I watch my chlidren grow.
Here I learn the life of the Indian, of him I wrote on paper.
I a writer, mail was a big part of me.
There was a buildling I call my study.
Here I spent many an hour
Here I wrote the first books you know.
Never did I dream when I lived in this little town
That some day, I be call Nebraska's poet laureate.
And the books I wrote would some day, he in other parts of the world.
I left this little town for other parts.
Many a year went by, but one fall day I went back.
To my surprise I found that old study still there.
I told the people of the town how dear the study was. What do you know, they restored that study I loved so dear.
I love to go back to that little town of my
Today I call it my second home.
Jim Nelson Bancroft, Nebr. 68004
BANCROFT, NE JAN 6 -AM 1971 68004


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ans 1/11
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