Dear John:

I have just received your letter. It awaited me on my return from teaching out at the Center. I'm glad that you enjoyed your visit with us--you know that you are always welcome. I'd like to think that you count our place as one of your homes. I know that you have a number of them--Skyrim, and the home of each of your children; but I am confident that you have none in which you are more welcome or more cherished. You were a friend of mine long before you ever saw me.

Lucile is en route to Texas, where she will visit with her father and mother and pick up our big (little is a naughty word in our house now) boy and bring him home. Martha is in Pullman visiting with her new nephew and his parents. We have left Beverly, who will always remember you with such pleasure, to care for the house--and the dogs! Martha will come back to Portland on Friday and I will take her to Eugene with me.

Take care of yourself and let us hear from you.

As ever,


P.S. I enclose the receipt for your books. The boy did a good job I think and was glad to do it.

PORTLAND JUL 25 830 PM 5 1960 OREG.
Dr. John G. Neihardt Skyrim Farm, Route 7 Columbia, Missouri