Dear Dr. Neihardt:

A peptic ulcer has kept me incapacitated for several weeks-ten days in the hospital and another week at home. Hence the lag in my correspondence.

The die is cast, and we have made the decision to go to Canada. The position is so much better for John. He will have only six to nine hours of teaching--all literary courses, no more "der, die, das." The academic year is from mid September to the end of March, so there will be ample leisure for research. In this ratrace at the University of Nebraska, John has almost no time for literary pursuits, and the situation would become even worse under the new chairman, besides being so terribly unpleasant. So, considering John's future, we regretfully made the decision to leave Lincoln. It will certailny be a wrench because we have deep roots here.

I hope to get a position in the Extension Department at the University of Waterloo. Since the University is so new, the Extension Department is embryonic, and the Director assured me that he could use someone of my experience in helping to build up educational programs. I also have several writing projects in mind.

I've had no reply from Birmingham as yet. I'm enclosing the reply I received from the Bristol Public Libraries. I'm going to follow their advice and write a letter to the Editor of the Times Literary Supplement. I have the feeling that we will eventually locate the manuscript. Just feminine intuition, but I have the feeling!

The newspaper announced that you were going to speak at the Alumni College. Also, if you do come at that time, Dr. Macquiddy of the Greater Omaha Historical Society would like you to appear on a television program in Omaha dealing with the fur trade. Dr. Macquiddy was one of the prime movers in the acquisition of the Fort Atkinson site, and he is now interested in promoting interest in the acquisition of the site of Cabanne's post.

Affectionately yours,

Dear Madam

Thank you for your letter of February 7 concerning a manuscript biography of Hugh Glass. It would seem improbable that this ms. is in the keeping of any instituion in the United Kingdom since it is not, as you are probably aware, mentioned in Crick and Alman's Guide to Manuscripts relating to America in Great Britain and Ireland, although there is a possibility that it may have recently come to light and be recorded in the supplementary material to the above Guide...which I understand is in process of accumulation. If the volume is in private hands in this country, probably the best course is to write a letter, for publication, to the Editor of the Times Literary Supplement, Printing House Square, London E.C.4, summarising the situation and asking for information. To locate the descendants of the persons mentioned in the deposition would in all probability be a difficult and lengthy process.

If you have information as to the towns from which they came, a letter addressed to the local newspaper will often produce results. In this case no one by the name of Palmer is recorded as living at Bourton-on-the-Water since 1870, nor are any of the members of the family recorded as having been resident in Bristol. It may be possible that there are still descendants living in or around Birmingham and that the Birmingham Reference Library, Ratcliff Place, Birmingham, may be able to assist you.

Yours faithfully

City Librarian Mrs. Phyllis H. Winkelman
NEBRASKA State Historical Society LINCOLN 8
Feb. 1963
Mrs. Winkelman
Hugh Glass
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