Dear Dr. Neihardt,

I have received a letter from Dr. Olive I. Reddick, Director of the United States Educational Foundation in India, asking us to confirm our invitation to you to pay and deliver here a series of lectures. We are also asked to give them the information regarding the period of your stay at our centre and the amount of maintenance and other amenities that you will be receiving from us.

As you probably know, we do not give any salary to the teachers of our Centre, but they are all maintained by the Ashram on the same level as other members of the Ashram. We shall therefore provide you comfortable stay and board as our guest. Also, as I had suggested to you in my last letter, January would be the most suitable month for your stay here from the point of view of your age and the climatic conditions in Pondicherry. I would therefore request you kindly to drop me a line to confirm if I should reply to Dr. Reddick that you will be staying here for a month and that you will be treated as our guest and thus maintained by us during your period of stay here on a decent standard.

As we are withholding our answer to Dr. Reddick, pending your answer to this letter, I shall be grateful if you kindly write to me at the earliest.

With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,

P.B. Saint-Hilaire Director of Education Dr. John G. Neihardt, Lecturer in English, University of Missouri, Route 7, Columbia, Missouri
(should be [Neidhardt or Neihardt)?]

Christian Neighhard born in Germany, died August 27, 1776. Private in Berks Co. Pennsylvania Militia, part of Pa. Rifle Regiment. Served under Capt. Henry Shade. Residence Berks County. Enlisted April 14, 1776. Killed in action - reported missing Battle of Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776. Service, 4 mo. 13 days. Reference: Pennsylvania in the Revolution Page 222, Vol. II and p. 172.

Eva N. born in Germany married 1757, died 1784

Conrad (Nihard or (Neighhard

Reading, Pa., born Sept. 7, 1772, died April 23, 1862.

née Elisabeth/Krueger Born 1775, married March 1795, died Dec. 1862 (Center Co., Pa.)

John Neihardt Coal City, Indiana; born January 8, 1802,

died July 1879.

Johanna née Roxburg Reading, Pa., born 1809, married May 1826, died May 1889.

Nicholas Neihardt born July 1852, died in 1929

Alice née Culler born December 21, 1858, died Feb. 12, 1935 Married March 1876.

John Gneisenau Neihardt born January 8, 1881,

near Sharpsburg, Ill. east of Taylorville & south of Springfield
[Springfield?], Illinois. Branson, Mo.

Mona née Martinsen, born May 26,1884, New York City Married 1907 (Nov. 28) Nov. 28, 1908

Enid Sigurd Hilda Alice

Christened; John Greenfield? name changed to Gneisenau when I knew I'd be known as a poet — J.G.N.