Carbon letter
To J. G. N.
Dear Friend:

Yours of March 3rd was received Monday, and we are pleased to know you plan to come April 2nd and 3rd. I called Rev. Arthur Ernst, and he said ^he would write to you soon about the church program. The Retired Teachers Assn. is expecting their largest attendance. Possibly some guests may come from Wayne and Bancroft. When in Wayne recently I visited with Henry Ley in the bank, and with Mrs. Canarsky at Bancroft, and also some others who came in her store.

Mrs. Bruce Nichol at Miller's Book Store probably will write you soon about the autograph party. The time for that event will be determined when we know your time of arrival and departure here in Lincoln. Let me know as soon as you are able to state it, and I'll inform Mrs. Nichol and all concerned. make any suggetions you may wish.

Yes, we had seen the World-Herald Centennial Edition, as we are subscribers, and we were happy to see the account you mentioned, and also "The River and I." I've known several of the "top ten", and I think you might well have been considered as a tie, at least for some ^place nearer the no. 1 spot. Heartiest congratulations! I observed the Centennial affair at the Statehouse March 1, and of course got my piece of the ^over half-ton Birthday cake. I have not talked with Dr. Danker lately.

Again we welcome you and any of your family to our home, and we look forward to having more time to do the thigns we've started, more thoroughly.


Julius D. Young