Carbon To J.G.N.
Dear Friend:

Yesterday, by air mail, we received a packet of "choice" materials from Mr. Otto Weinkauf of 804 6th Ave. W. Lemmon, So. Dak. 57638. We sat down immediately and I read aloud every word of the various items. These clippings, letters and the July 30, 1923 Hugh Glass Extra of the Goldenrod added greatly to our ever-growing collection—all with a most delightful "Neihardt flavor." Mr. Weinkauf celebrated his 92nd birthday April 14, and apparently is enjoying good health. He buried his second wife last December. I think I may have told you he was to be 93 years old, so note the correction — aw, what's another year, more or less, when one attains the rank of a nonegenarian? Otto's picture was in last week's Lemmon Leader, re: 92 yrs.

Among other items Mr. Weinkauf sent was a fine account of the 1923 Hugh Glass monument affair saved from the Lemmon Tribune, probably written by O. K.[Fjetland?]. Another clipping of an Omaha World Herald article of June 17, 1963, written by Robert Phipps carries a nice picture of you seated with Phyllis Winkelman. Also in the packet Mr. Weinkauf included several letters from A. E. Long and from his son after A.E.'s death, together with some carbon copies Mr. Weinkauf had written to the Longs. We hope to go to Omaha sometime soon, and we'll try to locate 1206 So. 55th St. Omaha, Neb.

I have not seen or heard from anyone at the State Historical Society since you were here. I intend to take the Weinkauf material down to Dr. Danker soon, and I'll hope to have some Zerox copies for you. I'm enclosing a few more clippings ^saved since I last mailed some to you, after our return from Bancroft April 10.

We hope this finds you well and enjoying the early spring — the first early one in years here — and we are counting the days when you can visit us again — so much to show you, still untouched — and to plan.


Julius D. Young

P.S. We'll have some snapshots soon for you.

P.S. I checked out from the City Library a copy of each:

"The River and I" J.G.N.

"The Dawn Builder" J.G.N.

and the Conquest of the Missouri" (by Hanson)

We are enjoying them

Haven't heard from Nichol's or Esther Montgomery since you were here Myrtle mailed her Mrs. Aly's address. Saw Mrs. Nichol once in Miller's Book Store