Carbon To J.G.Neihardt
Dear Friend:

We were happy to receive yours of May 15th today and to learn you had a safe and satisfactory trip. Also the item about your beginning of work with Dr. Aly on the M.S. is good news. Myrtle dropped a card to you airmail in the mornings mail to let you know we had a good trip from Denver. Snowed quite briskly in Denver Saturday after your departure. We have been to Lyons since our return from Denver; we brought my 84 year-old sister back with us and today we took her to the plane in Omaha bound for Chicago. She had been making her home in Salt Lake City, and will visit her daughter in Dowagiac Michigan. She is the one who had been Charles Culler's pupil at Dakota City High School.

I'm enclosing one copy of your marriage account. I'll send the other two to Columbia if you want me to do. There are several items such as the Nebraska "Navy" Certificate (admiral), the zeroxed copy the John Weynmouth's gave you (family articles) and the photo Stan Smith gave you of the entertainers (with you in front) at his [stage,?] also the Custer battle map Drew De [Vrient?] gave you. Shall we send all to your adress at Columbia? Let us know.


Julius D. Young.

P.S. We miss you greatly.