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To J.G.N.
To Dr. J.G. Neihardt
Columbia Mo. 5
Dear Friend:

Yesterday we received your short note written Feb. 3, and we are very happy to know you expect to come for the April 2nd, and 3rd events. I phoned Rev. Arthur Ernst, our Warren Methodist church minister, who is to write you soon concerning the April 2nd church service he mentioned to you here in our living room.

The Retired Teachers were in their monthly meeting at the Cornhusker Hotel yesterday. I called my home to see if any word had come from you, and Myrtle had just received your "yes". So I was pleased to be able to report to the group that we had the rare good fortune hoped for. So they are planning a much larger meeting hall, and a large attendance should be in order.

Please advise me of any financial arrangements that should be made, and I'm sure I can implement them, if you will be so kind. There seems to be no precedent, and as I wrote last week, I am inexperienced in such matters. I'm planning to drive to Lyons today, and may visit Wayne. We'll be back in a day or two. No snow here just now.


Julius D. Young