Dear Mr. Neihardt

Let me send you this color print, taken at the luncheon in Branson during the Kewpiesta. Keep the negative, because we have a copy of this picture for our permanent album.

We were so richly delighted at your reading from the special volume "The Quest" that I ordered copies from the publisher — really to suffer the keen disappointments I fiinding the supply was exhausted — not a single copy left in store-house or on shelves. Times such as "the drift of the clouds — the lift of the moon" were pure music as you read them: I find too, in a recent incursion into Emerson that the circle concept occurs also in his work, of course.

Forced to secure some substitute, I have searched the files of the book-stores and come up with the paper-back Lyric and Dramatic Poems.

The beauty is still there!

Will you consent to autograph this copy— and return it at your convenience. I enclose here a stamped container. — In the other shipment: Lyric and Dramatic poems

Mrs. McCanse was made richly happy at getting to visit with your talented daughter during the anniversary celebration at Columbia (our [second home?]) recently—Please remember her to us!

Gratefully yours,

Ralph A. McCanse
Professor of English
Ralph Alan McCanse