My dear Dr. Neihardt,

God gave us memory that we might have roses in December—so says the poet — and now I know you will not mind the "rocking chair" days if ever they come to you. — all of which means I've just read "The River an I:

In fact I came up stairs with the dawn to finish it — began last evening — thank you —

Three of my mother's brothers and one of my Father's went west to Montana as youngsters —

We often visited there — Once when draught came Uncle Joe with camp outfit and family including Missouri relatives drove the stock from Musselshell to near Canadian border — Once he shipped near train load of horses to Missouri Market—

Then my good Norweigan husband grew up just east of Devil's Lake N. D— you go to the farm — and the brother-in-law drives us over "townships."

So I lived [?] from Fort Benton. For once I taught in high school. 30 miles from the Fort a few years ago we stayed in the old hotel — not much changed—

But best of all — was just you in the book. Thank you — do come back to Branson often — we so enjoyed you at the Library Club and the daughters, too.


Jewell Ross Mehus
(Mrs. O. Myking Mehus.)