Dr. John G. Neihardt Skyrim Farm Route 7 Columbia, Missouri
Dear John:

Have I written you since we returned the University of the Pacific to our cactused acres and our adobe abode over here at Tucson? I've forgotten - but no matter, because I've got a new bit of news to report.

Its that finally I am getting myself phased out of the editorship of The Pacific Historian. I promised President Burns at the University that I would carry it on for awhile, and finally they've added Mrs. Martha Seffer O'Bryon full time to the staff so that she can take over.

The last time we exchanged letters, as I recall it, we had up the possibility of your doing a piece for The Pacific Historian on how you got interested in Jedediah Smith, but more particularly your special information about and insight into his death at the hands of Comanches over there on the Cimarron River. Remember?

Then, too, you had a manuscript of a book by Ezra Delos Smith- a novel I believe - which we were thinking might well become a part of the Jededian Smith collections. Remember?

Well, in as much as I am detaching myself from The Pacific Historian, I'll refer these two matters to Mrs. O'Bryon. I'm sure you will enjoy exchange of letters with her. She comes from Illinois, in fact went to Carl Sandburgs college at Galesburg.

I do hope the summer is treating you well - and often!


Leland D. Case
CC: Mrs. O'Bryon