Dear Sir,

While we were both campaigning for Bobby Brown for Sherriff of Munroe County, Florida, the Florida Keys, that is, (which we won, by the way,) I met an old friend of yours, Lester C. Gibbs. A pupil and admirer I should say! When I started coming out with my favorite excerpts from Oscar Wilde's "Ballad Of The Reading Gaol.", he asked if I weren't part of Indian, (As I do look it ) & came back at me with a excerpts from your "A Cycle Of The West" & "Song Of The Indian Wars.", & I must say, if we hadn't been working I would love to have been able to hear the whole thing.

Having been very hastily transferred by the Submarine Service to Newport News Virginia, I no longer had occasion to speak to your friend, but I would greatly appreciate it, if you could tell me where I could find your books in this decadent town!

So far, all two book stores have promised to look into it, but I have received no further word!

I am only half [esqumeaux?], but I'll bet we could sure square this note away if they'd only give us back half?

From what Mr. Gibbs said, you are a most unusual man. If you ever are unbusy enough, I would surely love to hear from you. I am 35 summers, raise Pit Bull Terriers (Strictly against the law,) & read! And I am entirely lost amongst these people. I worked one week & got fired because I was accused of making fun on the customers by using words they didn't understand. This is not conceit, sir, it is just that I have never met this type of people before; as I only completed the 2nd year of High School myself.

Would thoroughly enjoy learning from you, if you ever have time.

In the mean Time Mr. Gibbs asked me to pass on his address, which is, LESTER C. GIBBS SALES REPRESENTATIVE 615 CAROLINE ST., KEY WEST, 33040 & mine sir is MRS. MARJORIE KELLEY HOLTZ # LOT 9, 5959 JEFFERSON AVE., NEWPORT NEWS, VA., 23605

Thank You,

Marjorie Kelley Holtz