Dear Mr. Neihardt,

Let me introduce myself: I'm Mrs. Dick Dion and live at 208 East 5th street here in Wayne. — I've met you twice. — Once you came to our home with a friend to look over my home, which was your home as a small boy. — Again you came with your daughter to show her your old home. —

Since then I have read about you in the newpaper quite often. — I feel very proud to have met you and my husband and I feel rather honored to live in a house that a famous person such as you once lived.

We would consider it a great keepsake if you could find time to send us something of your works, whatever it may be, and autograph it for us. —

Also, if you are again in Wayne we would love to have you stop in at our home.

You said to me once that you wrote your first published writing in our bathroom. (It was then your bedroom.) — what was your first published writing?

My husband and I have lived here for 8 years — we are both from here in Wayne. — I was raised in Wakefield which isn't far away. —

Well, Mr. Neihardt, I know you are busy man.— But if you could find time to do this favor I ask of you, I would greatly appreciate it. —


Lora Dion Mrs. Dick Dion 208 East 5th Wayne, Nebraska 68787