Dear Gaki:

Believe it or not — here is a letter from J.D. himself — hope you are able to survive the shock. I'm writing this while Myrtle is attending a Women's Circle meeting at the church this afternoon. I took her to the meeting at 1:00 pm and am to get her again at 3:00.

We have enjoyed these "in-between days" from April 3 to your "home coming" next week, and we are so anxious to see you again and have the pleasure of your company. We do miss you greatly, and we do want you to continue as you were before the recent sojourn back to the "Show-me" state. We've got lots of pleasant unfinished business yet — such as reading, visiting, and many trips to take — some local and

the big one in June to the Hugh Glass Country. We hope your little "bout" with eye surgery will not cause you great discomfort or inconvenience, and that you will be able to travel as we have planned. Everyone has high praise for your eye doctor (Dr. [Kasimer?] [Stivrins?])

Yes, we have been busy since the-day-the-Poet Laureate's-hat-blew-down-the-airport-runway-and-the passengers-waited-to-see-who-won" (April 3rd, and the 235 lb [bald pate?] won!)

The weather has been mostly windy and dry — today is also cold again. We have done some outside work, but have not planted garden yet. Hope to soon. Things are getting green.

Congratulations to you for all the fine honors and acclaim coming your way — also the $400.00 of Wampum. I am not surprised at it all — I've known about the "potential" all these many years — 52 to be exact — ever since my brother came home from Wayne & at Spring Vacation — fresh from Dr. House's English class — and told me about the great young poet at our neighboring town of Bancroft. We were trimming Apple trees when he bore the great tidings. Of course, I thought he was merely "brain-washed" and showing signs of the indoctrination of his teacher. (good old J.T.House — at that time still unknown to me). I think I may have told you of the prophetic Chit-chat my brother and I had that spring of 1916 among the "touseled apple trees-and sussurant bees"

Anyway — if my brother was "brain-washed" — it was nothing compared to what has happened to me since! Bless dear old Dr. House; and how much the world owes him for his understanding and appreciation of the "Man and the Poet"! I am glad for all.

I do not know how much of news Myrtle may have supplied to you, and since she is not here at the moment for conference I shall not attempt anything that might be

too much repetition. Thanks for the various clippings and news bulletins; we'll add them to our collection. Remember, my "scrap book" goes back to 1907 and I have a few really good "Neihardtana" materials.

In last week's Lemmon Leader a nice picture and short news item of Otto Weinkauf appeared, in honor of his 93rd birthday (April 14). We had sent him a greeting and letter along with a complimentary copy of "the River and I" from us. You had written a personal greeting to him in it before you went back to Columbia. We were glad to read the item about the book in your recent letter. It's a great book.

We were so sorry to learn of your little doggie having gone from Skyrim, and we sincerely hope you have found him by this time and that he is O.K. We are enjoying our parakeet more each day.

Best wishes to you and your kinfolk.

As ever

J D Young

We are forwarding a letter to you from Mrs. Hilda Black