Dear Dr. Neihardt:

I deeply appreciate your letter. It has taken a great load off my mind.

I do not know whether I shall be equal to this task but I am now going ahead with my research. The history of the allotments and the land titles is quite complicated and I know that I must simplify it as much as possible for young readers.

My next big need is to find some of Susette's lectures if possible. And so far I have not been able to learn whether she wore Indian costume when she lectured.

I am happy to hear you say that Tibbles loved Susette. I felt sure that he must have from the way he wrote about her in BUCKSKIN AND BLANKET DAYS. It still puzzles me that the family disliked him so when he spent so much of his life working for the Indians.

How I wish I could have known Susan as you did. Her letters written from Medical School were so loving and so filled with longing for home and family.

If I write this story you can be sure that I will present Susette in a favorable light. Otherwise, I would not write it. After all, she will be my heroine!

I may come to Lincoln again. I did not get through all the material there.

I was able to buy a copy of Francis La Flesche's book, THE MIDDLE FIVE, and enjoyed reading it very much. It gives one an intimate picture of life in the Presbyterian Mission School. I think Susette must have been there at the same time as Francis since there were only a few years difference in their ages.

Thank you again for your kind reply.


Margaret Crary
Margaret Crary
(Mrs. Ralph W. Crary)