2615 No. 52 St. Omaha, Nebr. 68104 Dr. John G. Neihardt 5835 Vine St. Lincoln, Nebr. 68505
Dear Dr. Neihardt:

As I told you following the luncheon of the Nebraska Writers' Guild at Hastings recently, it was, as always, a delightful and inspiring experience to hear you. I believe I first heard you speak and read your poetry when I was fifteen--close to forty-five years ago; then, and each time I have heard you since, it has been a most rewarding experience. So, of course, has been the reading and teaching of your poetry over the years.

You suggested that we might exchange one of your books (I have all of yours, thank you), so I am sending you The Silent Storm, a book I wrote in collaboration with Ruth Crone. Although it was written for young readers, my editor says it is "for young people from nine to ninety," so you qualify. I hope you will enjoy it.

I have published ten books, and number eleven, The Many Faces of Willa Cather is in production at Scribner's. This is biographical in l nature and is for an adult audience.

Since visiting with you briefly two weeks ago, I have been wondering whether or not you have anyone working on a biography of John G. Neihardt? If not, I should certainly like to talk to you about doing it. I can think of no writing project to which I could turn with more enthusiasm.

Sincerely yours,

Marion Marsh Brown
(Mrs. Gilbert S. Brown)