Dear Dr's Neihardt (S.A.P.)

We are delighted the ring gave you and others so much pleasure. How we wish we could have joined you. The ring arrived safely in Phoenix yesterday not a bit the worse for its long travels.

We note your newly conferred degree — as indicated above. No doubt the honor came from "The Institution of People" (same as). They are a great bunch — taken as a whole.

I know how a long auto trip can wear one out — so many times my legs have felt like ^used pipe cleaners.

The temperatures here have reached their summer peak and we dash hurriedly from refrigerated office to car to home! Very little gets done here in 117° to 120°, although the peak came later this year its making up for it by being hotter. Our little place is comfortable but the air conditioner works at it as they must do here. Of course the park is new and there is only the beginning of shade.

It appears our St. Paul office is going to be made into a service center to include the state of New Mexico and part of Nevada. That means a bigger office, more personnel and, I hope, a better chance for me to go up the ladder a bit. I retire in seven years if I can!

(hold out — that is)

Sig's few students have cut down — which is normal for summer. He has some technical contacts and may have a chance to do some work along those lines. Teaching a creative art is pretty discouraging. At least best you have one or two in a lifetime that shows any promise.

Then life comes along for them and pretty well messes things up. We have learned to be fairly (can't spell today) philosophical about the whole thing but its tough on Sig and I certainly know how he feels. People want their kids to be artists overnight. Amazing! May be better things will come along. Hold your thumbs.

You will have returned from Brookings by the time this reaches you. It will have been another good session and we do hope you spread a little "culture" around and remembered not to say "poop". That's very undignified and can sometimes cause consternation to the uninitiated. Besides its vulgar. "By the blue [jumpinged?] nosed J __" is sometimes more acceptable.

Yes changes do keep coming and I've spread some salty brine around when I "get to thinking" about it. In some ways its not surprising its called the "vale of tears". But equally surprising is the fact that there is beauty and that, of all things, people produce it; only sometimes they're not as beautiful as their product. But it has to come from somehwere and through someone before it can reach vegetables like me!

I seem to remember a very lovely thing I once read that went this way —

"Lost is the tale of the gulfs you have crossed and the veils you have lifted;
In many a tongue has been wrung from you outcries of pain:

It goes on being beautiful and wise and cruel with its truth. The name of the author escapes me for the moment but then he was always an elusive, universal spirit.

We have both come to the conclusion that being marinated is what life does and being pixilated is what man does and the latter is closer to becoming "previously dead."

We'll hope you have a chance to come out our way soon. Try to make it when the weather is cooler. Can't be outside now — its too much — for anyone.

[Doxie?] is fine — except he hates the heat. He does #1 and 2 as quickly as possible and comes back to where its cool.

Sig will write soon. We do love you so very much.


"The two-headed lady — that gives me two noses and four ear lobes!"
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