Dr. John G. Neihardt 5835 Vine Street Lincoln, Nebraska
Dear Dr. Neihardt:

Dr. Schaeffer and the board of directors of the Sturh Museum of the Praire Pioneer are most pleased that you can plan to take part in their 1970 membership campaign dinner and will serve as honorary chairman of the campaign. We will plan the dinner for some time in the latter part of January. I will firm up plans and the date soon in order to provide you plenty of notice.

As I said, we will be happy to furnish an honorarium of $150 for the evening for you. We also hope that you can plan to spend some time at the Museum during the day in order to see the latest developments. I can plan to furnish your transportation from Lincoln and return.

Attached is a news story I wish to issue about your assumption of the honorary chairman position. We will also use a story and your picture in The Prairie Pioneer, the publication of the Museum.

Some time over the holidays, when there are a few hours for relaxation, I would like to have the opportunity to discuss with you the Neihardt Day program and how I might be helpful in promoting that event.


Carroll Thompson
Public Relations and Advertising Administrative Services Fund Raising