Dear Dr. Neihardt,

As a way (albeit small) of thanking you for giving me permission several months back to look at your collection of papers and manuscripts in the Western Historical Collection in the University of Missouri (Columbia) Library, I am sending along to you the enclosed newspaper clipping.

Having access to the original manuscript of your fine work, Black Elk Speaks, was of real help and value to me while taking the course last semester in which [your?] book is used.

I thought you might find this article from one of the Chicago papers of interest, if you have not seen it before.

It's always sad to read of Tragedies our Indians of today are going through as their old way life continues to irrevocably disappear and they must "make it" in our alien world, a world closed to so many of them. But perhaps popular articles like this do serve a purpose in informing many, many people about the needs and problems of the Indian.

Anyway, I hope you may find the article worth your while.


Charles Barton