Dear Dad;

This will be somewhat hurried but wanted to get a check back to you as quickly as I could. I enclose $75.00 which represents the reimbursment by my company. They paid my airfare in full and returned my expenses for meals & lodging. The balance I used to buy a coat and shoes for the colder climate. Since this was used for my personal needs I will need a little more time to repay you which I intend do — in full. You certainly saved my skin for it was important to me to feel well dressed.

As I had never flown in a jet before the trip was sheer joy to me— in fact I had only flown one in my life before and that was nearly 20 years ago. This old earth of ours is very beautiful from upstairs. Especially the Rocky Mountains — snow-capped-breathtaking!

You spoke of my leaving in a hurry. The trip had been postponed once before and I had no choice — had to take the date set-up by the boss.

The training session in St. Paul was very fine — much of the work I had already been doing so it was not hard for me. Personnel training was new and I thoroughly enjoyed this. Had a chance to see Minneapolis but no time to see Sig's birthplace. The training schedule was tight on time, also I had to contact people in Home office who will transfer to our new Service Center in Phoenix, You can see I was running all day — every day. They are a good group of people and it was my pleasure to be allowed to attend.

Again Dad, my heartfelt thanks for your immediate help. My salary bracket will use — should by May 1.

If you will bear with me a bit longer I can start paying the remainder.

We rejoice with you and for you on the wonderful things that have come to you — "the things that are mine will know my face" — I try to hold that faith for us.

Sig will write soon again I am writing this time just to tell you about my trip & return part of your dough!

Love you with all my heart.

10 c U.S. AIR MAIL
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ansd 3-30
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