Dear Dr. Neihardt,

I authorize you, or any party or parties you may deisgnate to make unlimited use of the master tapes for the purpose of making master disks, mothers, stampers, stampings, or any other steps necessary for making phonograph records in unlimited quantity, of readings from, THE DEATH OF CRAZY HORSE, THE DEATH OF SITTING BULL, and THE BATTLE OF WOUNDED KNEE, with the following restrictions. First, the master tapes shall remain my property and second, my name, Sanford D. Gray, shall be listed on the back of the album cover as recording engineer. This last stipulation need not apply if galleys have already been set, but should apply for any future use. No charge will be made by me for the use of these master tapes for the preparation, manufacture, sale, or use of phpnpgraph records. I reserve the right to enter into further negotiation if these master tapes are to be used for any other purposes, such as motion pictures or television.

Very truly yours,

Sanford D. Gray
Sanford D. Gray
Director of Film Production

Witness: Kitty [Jay?]
Witness: [Becca Krauss?]